The Trekking Pole Controversy

Who would have thought that trekking poles are controversial? I almost always use them, particularly when backpacking. Being a flat-lander and in my sixties, I am not good on uphill stretches of trail, and I find that poles distribute the load from my legs to my arms and make it easier. I do much better going downhill but still use the poles to absorb a bit of the impact and help with balance.

Who would have thought that trekking poles are controversial?

In any case, there are apparently those who think trekking poles are the evil tools of Old Spotty. This excellent article entitled “Scientists Weigh in on the Great Trekking Pole Debate“, from Outside Magazine, covers the views of both sides of this explosive “controversy”. It is a good read.

A related note–

The article does not cover one potentially useful application of trekking poles. In my book, Trail to Peril, trekking poles figure prominently as weapons in two scenes. Check it out. It’s available on Amazon.

One thought on “The Trekking Pole Controversy

  1. Oh for crying out loud, why not!  I took my very colorful cane with me to Italy two years ago and was very glad I did. Some of those mountain villages sidewalks and roadways were treacherous.  And you can always use a cane or pole to beat off the bad guys and critters.

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