Eli Ring, Author

Eli Ring, Author

Welcome to the Home Page of Writer Eli Ring and French Prairie Publishing

Eli Ring is the author of the novel, Trail to Peril, published by French Prairie Publishing.

Trail to Peril is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

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Two brothers are plunged into a nightmare of intrigue when they stumble on the body of a murdered backpacker while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The murder victim is mixed up with a Mexican cartel and carried something the cartel boss desperately wants. When the item comes up missing, the boss suspects that the brothers took it and pursues them to get it back. The brothers have to evade their pursuers while trying to get help from law enforcement they can trust. They are finally forced to find the missing item and trade it for their safety.

Along the way, the brothers renew their family bond, and the older brother, Ray, comes to terms with his past and finds something deep within he had lost to the trauma of war years before.

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