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The American Republic is Dead

The American Republic is probably dead. This prognosis comes from the understanding that we are often doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. If you look at the parallels of recent American events with events in Rome around the time of Julius Caesar and following the similarities are stunning. If the Democrats succeeded in ousting … Continue reading The American Republic is Dead

Websites for Conservative Social Media Refugees

Roughly twenty-four hours later, the attack on free speech by “big tech” continues. The major development is Amazon’s action against Parlor, which bills itself as an alternative to Twitter. Parlor is now suing Amazon for antitrust violations and breach of contract. The petty stuff also continues. Facebook announced it will ban anything mentioning “the steal”, … Continue reading Websites for Conservative Social Media Refugees

The Purge is On

Tragic events that many have feared has been going on the last couple of days. It is the logical culmination of the “political correctness” movement we have been contending with for years. It has been brewing for months with the “fake news” scares that spawned a fetid nest of self-appointed arbiters of truth. Now we … Continue reading The Purge is On

Time To Get Back To Work

The holidays were great. Three kids made it to our house for Christmas, including the oldest, who made it back from a deployment to Europe just in time. The fourth is in South Carolina and could not travel due to Navy Covid restrictions, but stayed connected through the magic of technology. It was a great … Continue reading Time To Get Back To Work

Covid-19 and Risk. Why Covid Restriction are Bad.

Field-Marshal Sir William Slim wrote that “…risk is danger multiplied by time”. The implication here is that risk increases the longer danger persists. If you want to reduce risk, either mitigate the danger or reduce the time of exposure to the danger. How does this bit of wisdom apply to the current Covid-19 pandemic? The … Continue reading Covid-19 and Risk. Why Covid Restriction are Bad.


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