Writing Reading and the Decline of Civilization

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Five Existential Threats to Humanity to Worry About This Week

Here are the five top things to worry about this week if you are concerned with the continued existence of humanity. America’s Political Crisis. America’s political crisis began during the 2016 Presidential campaign and has since morphed into a variety of troubling aspects that threaten the whole world. The three most important right now are … Continue reading Five Existential Threats to Humanity to Worry About This Week

Twitter Appeal Denied

Twitter denied my appeal. Looks like I stay in Twitter jail indefinitely unless I buy into their reality by deleting my tweet. Here is the communication I received: Thank you for your patience as we reviewed your appeal request for account @SteveAshby, regarding the following: Our support team has determined that a violation did take … Continue reading Twitter Appeal Denied

Back in Twitter Jail

Twitter suspended me again. I stuck my nose into a discussion of Richard Levine, the “trans” assistant secretary of health who was ludicrously selected as “Woman of the Year”, by USA Today. My tweet simply said, “Levine is a man. It is an objective, verifiable fact.” They suspended me for 12 hours and then offered … Continue reading Back in Twitter Jail

More Harm Than Good?

I have been poking around in a lot of COVID data and “information” for the last week or so, trying to satisfy my confirmation bias that Oregon has botched its COVID response. In my interweb wanderings, I came across a video produced by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance in which they analyze Pfizer’s Original Trial … Continue reading More Harm Than Good?


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