The Debate, Fact Checkers, and Election Predictions

Trump won. All he had to do was look Presidential to reassure anyone still sitting on the fence, and he did that. The muted microphone rule seems to have worked in his favor. It corralled his usual New York aggressive style, and voters could hear and watch Joe Biden. The resulting optics were good for the President and bad for Biden, who started running out of steam, and memorized talking points, by the end of the debate. CNN claims that President Trump didn’t score any election changing moments, but I think there were two. Biden said that he wanted to get rid of the oil and gas industry, a message that is not going to play well in a key oil-producing battleground state like Pennsylvania. Biden also denied taking money from any foreign governments. That statement could backfire on him at any moment between now and the election depending on what they scrape off of Hunter’s laptop from hell.

Fact Checkers
What do you call a group of fact-checkers? A deceit of fact-checkers, or a scam of them? I’ll go with–a scam of fact-checkers, including Snopes and PolitiFact, are claiming that President Trump was wrong when he said that Joe Biden has pledged to end fracking. The truth is that Biden is on tape saying he would end fracking, and fracking would certainly end if he followed through on the pledge he made in the debate to end the oil and gas industry.

We don’t need the cognitive Gestapo to correct our “errors” with their sanctimonious propaganda.

Can we end fact-checkers? We don’t need the cognitive Gestapo to correct our “errors” with their sanctimonious propaganda. Public discourse is, by nature, self-correcting. It is the collision of ideas to see which emerges intact.

Besides that, fact-checkers are often wrong. I know because I get fact-checked a lot on FB, and in every instance, their “helpful” information has missed the point of whatever it was I posted, or it blatantly misrepresented it.

Election Predictions
My prediction is that President Trump will win in a landslide with over 300 electoral votes. It is likely that Biden will do a Jimmy Carter and will concede the election before polls close on the West Coast.

One of the consequences of this is that there are going to a lot of high profile Democrats buying property in countries with which the US has no extradition treaties. The Democrats have held off the consequences of their nefarious acts in the 2016 election for four years. They know they will not be able to do it much longer.

Have a great weekend.

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