Here are Five Thing You Absolutely Don’t Have to Worry About

The now cliche bit of “wisdom” coined by Winston Churchill near the end of World War II and revived by Rahm Emanuel is “never waste a good crisis.” They are great for the ruling class because they use crises to move radical political and social agendas, and they use them to divert attention from their mal and misfeasance. Here are five “crises” that you can ignore because they are bogus, manufactured problems, or don’t affect you.

The Will Smith Slapping Incident. If ever there was an event that should cause the universe to breathe a collective sigh of who cares, it is this one. This silly incident has absolutely no significance to the lives of anyone. The test is if you didn’t know about it, would it affect your life. The answer is no. So quit worrying about super-rich Hollywood movie star Will Smith and his poor, traumatized family. They will likely do better the most of the rest of us.

Climate Change. Climate change, as I have written before, is undoubtedly occurring. That is the nature of climate. Is it a crisis? It could be. Many civilizations on planet Earth have risen and fallen due to weather. Are we in one of those periods now? We don’t know. As the Hoover Institute article (here) points out, temperatures may have risen .8 degrees C since 1850, but that number is well within the measurement margin of error. Statistically, one cannot reject the hypothesis that there has been no temperature rise. Also, if there is a “crisis” with carbon emissions, why are politicians not building nuclear plants, the cleanest, most efficient, and safest form of energy generation.

Never waste a good crisis.

White Supremacists. I don’t know where this whole “white supremacists are the biggest threat to America” narrative started, but it is stupid. It was not “white supremacists” that caused hundreds of millions in damage, burning down American cities in 2020. Radical leftist organizations like the BLM and Antifa did that, goaded on by Democrat politicians. The most absurd example is when Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin took office and ordered a stand down in the US military to weed out white supremacy. A Pentagon study later showed that about a hundred out of 2.5 million US military members participated in that white supremacist activity. One wonders if the Afghanistan fiasco would have occurred if the defense officials were spending more time on defense instead of chasing mythical KKK members in the ranks.

Covid-19 Omicron. First of all, Omicron is pretty mild. I had it at the beginning of March. I had a slight fever, a cough, and a little fatigue. A few days and it had passed. I realize that some may suffer more, and I didn’t because instead of worrying about the Covid, I did something about it early in the pandemic. It was clear from the beginning that the effects of the illness were pretty stratified. It was not pleasant to catch it, but almost everyone who did catch it survived. Those who didn’t were nearly all in particular categories. This included the very elderly (who likely would have been finished off by the flu anyway), the obese, people with low vitamin D3 levels, and those with metabolic disorders like diabetes. I didn’t fit into any of those categories, and to make sure my immune system had a fighting chance, I took D3, zinc, got some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise, and I dropped 20 lbs. of excess weight. Notice that I did not say anything about the vaccine. I am not a test animal for Big Pharma, and the risk of an inadequately tested vaccine is higher than the risk of the disease for me. Maybe not you. Quit worrying. Get informed. Accurately assess the risks. Do something positive to protect yourself.

Voter access. In some counties, the number of people voting in 2020 exceeded the number of registered voters. The rolls of registered voters are bloated by those who had moved before the election, including some who moved on to their eternal reward. It seems like access is not the thing that should worry us.

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