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Websites for Conservative Social Media Refugees

Roughly twenty-four hours later, the attack on free speech by “big tech” continues. The major development is Amazon’s action against Parlor, which bills itself as an alternative to Twitter. Parlor is now suing Amazon for antitrust violations and breach of contract. The petty stuff also continues. Facebook announced it will ban anything mentioning “the steal”, which refers to alleged election fraud.

It is time to turn Facebook and Twitter into leftist echo chambers. The lifeblood of social media is content and users. Deny them both and consider some alternatives. I closed my Facebook account down several weeks ago because I got tired of misleading and mistaken so-called “fact checks”. I haven’t missed it. I also quit advertising my book and website on Twitter. Here are some sites you might consider instead of FB or Twitter.

Parlor.com has been considered the go-to place for Twitter refugees for months. I would provide a link, but they are currently shut down, thanks to Amazon. I opened a Parlor account several weeks ago but found it difficult to use and dominated by a few users who made the site a conservative echo chamber. It may just be me. This site is supposed to be back on-line tomorrow, but we will see.

It is time to turn Facebook and Twitter into leftist echo chambers

gab.com is the latest social media refugee camp for conservatives. Reports are that they gained half a million users yesterday. They apparently run on their own servers, so they are not subject to the approval of the tech masters. I opened an account yesterday and got a brief look. I like the layout better than Parlor. Right now, the downside of this site is that they are having trouble scaling up their server capacity, and the site is slow. Hopefully, they will get a handle on it soon.

mewe.com is another site that bills itself as pro-free speech. I have not used it, but I have some friends who highly recommend it.

Freerepublic.com has been around for a long time. I have been on it for twenty years. It is more of a libertarian site than conservative. I find that the users are not as in lockstep with popular conservative thought as other sites such as Parlor or even Twitter. I find the discussions to be more thoughtful, civil, and diverse than other more prominent sites.

Signal.org received an endorsement from none other than Elon Musk as an alternative to big tech message and texting services. I have quite a bit of experience with their service. I have a couple of sons in the military, and we use it as a family to keep in touch. My oldest is an Army Intelligence officer. He recommended Signal when he was being deployed to Europe because it is encrypted and secure, so we did not have to worry about inadvertent operational security issues in our family discussions. Loose lips sink ships.

Duck Duck Go is a good search alternative to Google if you are looking for a search engine that provides some privacy. I have used it for years, and it is an excellent service.

Protonmail.com is an alternative free e-mail service that I use. It is based in Switzerland and offers privacy, end-to-end encryption between Proton users, and anonymous accounts.

If you have any other suggestions, let me know.

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The Purge is On

Tragic events that many have feared has been going on the last couple of days. It is the logical culmination of the “political correctness” movement we have been contending with for years. It has been brewing for months with the “fake news” scares that spawned a fetid nest of self-appointed arbiters of truth. Now we have misguided and misleading social media “fact-checkers”. There is also the widespread practice of suspending and banning people and organizations from social media sites such as Twitter when their utterances are proscribed by our wiser masters, Jack Dorsey at Twitter and Zuckerburg at Facebook.

The most recent outrage is the apparent purge of conservative voices, including a ban on the President of the United States by Twitter and reports of disappearing followers among his supporters. It is not just attacks on MAGA supporters either. There have been attempts to suppress dissenting opinions on everything from voter fraud and climate change to Covid-19. Powerful forces in the media and Big Tech are silencing people with significant and compelling points of view.

Free speech in America is circling the drain.

Sometimes it is going beyond silencing and extends to ruining careers and lives. The conclave of hypocrites and scoundrels that make up the badly misnamed “Lincoln Project” is a pathetic example. They just announced that they would be making up a blacklist of those who worked for the Trump administration, intending to keep them from finding employment in the private sector.

It is chilling. Free speech in America is circling the drain. For those of you nodding your approval and politely applauding from the sidelines because you disagree with those who are being silenced, keep in mind that we have the 1st Amendment right to free speech to avoid the necessity of shooting each other.